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While the hardware engineering and chip design community is small compared to that of software engineering, there's definitely something to be learnt from software's wonderful world of countless open-source libraries and frameworks, and their vibrant online community that calls and responds to each other's questions with commendable enthusiasm.

SystemVerilog and hardware engineering does have its heroes too - from Cliff Cummings' Sunburst Design Papers and John Cooley's DeepChip newsletters to a budding community on StackOverflow. But I think there is room for sharing quality instruction, knowledge, experiences and code.

To that effect, this website attempts to be another resource to help understand Hardware Engineering from the top down -- including, concepts behind ASIC/SoC Design and Verification, how to apply SystemVerilog and its various quirks and nuances, System Design, Modern Processor Design, Signal Integrity and Board Design. Its beginnings will be modest, the plan is to approach each concept piecemeal, explore it in depth and provide working code with all the explanation. With time I wish to make this site a good repository of Hardware Engineering resources.

A lot of thought was put into designing the layout of this website to make it attractive and conducive for learning and reading code. I hope you enjoy what you read here and find it useful.

For questions or comments please send me an email at subbu[AT]

🙋‍♂️ About Me

My name is Subbu. Over the last 15+ years I've worked on all aspects of ASIC/SoC development including RTL Design, Functional Verification with UVM, Formal Verification, Performance Modeling and Lab Validation.

Along with a foundation in Computer Architecture, Modern Processor Design, Computer Networks and Embedded Systems, I also take an proactive interest in Software Design Patterns, Machine Learning and Full Stack Web Development.

You can reach me through LinkedIn Messaging or email subbu[AT]


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✍️ Colophon

This website has been built using the Material for MkDocs framework. Primary fonts are Roboto, Roboto Mono and Merriweather. I enjoy diagramming using Pen and Paper. The Uniball UM-151 0.38mm and the Rhodia Pad are widely used in the pictures you see on this site.

Homepage picture credits: Vishnu Mohanan (1, 2), Safar Safarov (3), Olivier Collet (4), Lian Briese (5), Alexandre Debiève (6)