Decades of SoC/ASIC development experience condensed into easy to understand tutorials with tons of code examples.

If you are a student or experienced professional pursuing a career in SoC Architecture, RTL Design, Verification, Emulation or Validation, this website will help you level-up your Hardware Engineering skills.

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The best DDR4 tutorials on the internet. Covers the basics, initialization, training and timing parameters.

↗ Understanding the Basics
↗ Training & Calibration
↗ Understanding Timing Parameters


Formal Verification

The perfect starting point for Formal Verification. These articles de-mystify this important verification strategy.

↗ SystemVerilog Assertions Tutorial
↗ A Gentle Introduction to Formal Verification
↗ Blueprint for Formal Verification


SystemVerilog & UVM

Become a SystemVerilog and UVM Ninja with these in-depth articles full of code examples

↗ SystemVerilog Macros Tutorial
↗ SystemVerilog Generate Statement
↗ Randomization & Random Number Generation
↗ Deep-dive into Random Stability